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Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find frequently asked questions about the software, including guides on running recurring billing, printing, emailing, setting up electronic processing and sending custom documents to your customers. This information applies to the most current version of Probill (ver. 2.8.5). If you are running an earlier version of the software, some of these features may not be available to you.
If you would like to upgrade your software or learn more about the current version please call us at the number provided.

Mail Processing

Our main goal at Probill is to make your recurring billing as convenient as possible. In 2005, we launched our very popular Mail Processing service (MPS). We now process over 180,000 bills each month for companies just like yours. With this service, you can choose to print your bills in the traditional manner (yourself) or upload your bills to our secure server for us to process. Our system will format your bills, address correct them, add the zip code, barcode and process them with our High-Speed Laser Printers. The bills print on our modern blue and white perforated invoice forms and include a return reply envelope – all inserted into a professional dual windowed outgoing envelope. The beauty of this service is your customers think the bill came directly from your company!

What does it include?

Our Mail Processing Service includes postage and drop off at the Post Office for nationwide delivery. Since your mail is already pre-sorted and barcoded, you can expect delivery to your customers within a few days. Our Probill team is even able to track your bills up until they arrive on the delivery truck into your town. Because our service includes forms, envelopes, ink/toner, postage and labor it is actually much cheaper than if you printed and mailed the bills yourself.

How much does it cost?

Currently the cost of our Mail Processing Service is 70 cents per mail piece if you choose to be charged via ACH (electronic check) or 72 cents per piece if charged via Credit Card. This is only 21 cents over postage at the utmost convenience to your company.

For a further cost comparison
click here

When do we process mail?

Probill processes mail Monday and Thursday every week. Mail received before 12:00 PM (Eastern Time) on Mondays will be processed and mailed out Tuesday morning. Mail received before 12:00 PM (Eastern Time) on Thursdays will be processed and mailed out Friday morning.

If you are interested in using our Mail Processing Service call our technical support team toll-free at1-800-409-4997 and we will walk you through the process. There is no charge to sign up and you are free to use the service every month or on a needed basis. Since there is no obligation you can use it at your convenience.

Click here to check out our video demonstration of this service

*If you are using our Mail Processing service you can also add a document to the back side of your recurring invoices see the Duplexing section of this FAQ for more information.

Backing Up & Restoring Data

Backing Up Customer Information

Probill performs two different types of backups. The first, automatic internal backups, are performed the first time you exit the program each day as well as various other times such as prior to running your monthly billing. These backups are stored in the “Probill2” folder on your computer’s hard drive. These will range anywhere from one day to two months old. Internal backups are useful in a situation where you want to restore data if, for example, someone entered the wrong month’s payment information or you need to undo the monthly billing that was recently processed.

Although these backups are useful, automatic internal backups are no substitute for manual external backups. In the event of a virus or a hard drive crash, you will need an external back up to a CD, flashdrive or cloud storage. These backups may be your only link to valuable customer and financial data. Although Probill will prompt you to do an external backup once a month when you run your billing, you can easily backup your data at any time by following these simple steps:

Go to the main screen in Probill
Select the “Customers” drop down menu and click “Backup Customer Information”
Probill will show you the last drive you backed up to
To change the backup destination, click the icon with the folder and green arrow to select a different drive. Alternatively, to backup to cloud storage select “Choose Path” to specify a different location such as Google drive, Dropbox, etc.
Select “Backup Now” to complete your external backup.
After completing the backup process, label and date the file. Keep in mind, each external backup will automatically overwrite any previous backup that exists on the external drive you choose to use. We recommend you keep at least three separate external backup sets of your customer data. For example, if you backup your data once a week you should have a separate backup set for each week of the last three weeks. After this, you can rotate the backup media and reuse them for new weeks. We also recommend you keep at least one backup off premise in the event of theft, fire, or another natural disaster.

Restoring Customer Information

If there does happen to be an issue with your system or customer data, you can easily return your accounts back to the state they were in at the time of your last backup. Please be aware that when you restore your customer data, all of the program information reverts back to the state it was on the date of your last backup. This means that any account, billing, payments, or program changes will have to be reconstructed from that date. You can restore your customer information by following these steps:

Go to the main screen in Probill.
Select the “Customers” drop down menu and click “Restore Customer Information”
To restore information from and external device, insert the drive and select “Use External Drive”
Probill will automatically search your system for the backup and the date and time of the backup will be displayed. If Probill cannot find a valid backup or you would like to choose the backup’s location, you may select “Restore Drive Selection”
Once you have located the file you wish to restore, select “Restore Now” and your files will immediately be restored to the state they were in at the time of your last backup.

Printing Mailing Labels

In Probill you can create mailing labels for an individual customer or for a group of customers.

To create labels for an individual customer:

Pull up the customer’s information screen
Select “Documents” from the menu on the right
Click the drop down menu at the top of the screen (by default this says “Letters”)
Select “Labels”
Click either “Billing” or “Premise” depending on which address you would like
Probill automatically saves the last position printed to the label sheet so that you may reuse unfilled sheets, ‘however, you can reset the sheet if necessary by selecting “Reset to New Sheet”.
Click “Print this Customer”
To create labels for a group of customers

Pull up the customer information screen
Click “Find” from the menu on the right
Search for something your customers have in common by typing it into the appropriate field and selecting “Find Match” Ex. Select “Monthly” in the “Billing Cycle” field then hit “Find Match” to create mailing labels for all of your monthly customers.
This will bring up a list of all of your customers that match this criteria
Select “Process Documents”
Click the drop down menu at the top of the screen (by default this says “Letters”)
Select “Labels”
Click either “Billing” or “Premise” depending on which address you would like
Probill automatically saves the last position printed to the label sheet so that you may reuse unfilled sheets, ‘however, you can reset the sheet if necessary by selecting “Reset to New Sheet”.
Click “Print Customer Group”
*Please Note: Probill only supports printing on a certain type of mailing label. They are Avery 5X62 Mailing Labels. This type of label is very common and can almost always be found at any Staples, Walmart, Office Depot, etc.
These are 1 1/3 in. x 4 in labels and come 14 labels to a sheet
The X in the product number can be any digit – it simply denotes the quantity
Ex. 5962 labels have 250 label sheets.

Running Probill on a Mac

Unfortunately we do not have a Mac version of our software. Rewriting Probill for the Mac OS would be a huge undertaking as there are over 90,000 lines of code in Probill in Visual Basic. Writing a Mac version would entail rewriting the entire program from scratch in Objective C which is a very unusual programming language. We can’t say it will never happen but probably not anytime soon.

We do however have many people running Probill on the new Macs with software like Parallels that allows you to run Mac and Windows on the same machine and easily switch back and forth between them.

For more information click here or visit Parallels Products

Online Bill Pay

If you are set up to process credit cards and/or draft bank accounts through Probill you are also able to take online payments through your website. If you are interested in setting this up please read through this entire guide before you start and then call us at 1-800-409-4997 as we need to generate a source key for you to be able to accept these types of payments.

1.Once you have a source key generated, log in to the gateway by going to the Main Screen in Probill, select Online > Credit Card Terminal. Select Settings > Source Keys. Select Edit next to the newly generated source key named “online”.

2. The settings for your payment form are located under “Payment Form Template”. Here you can change the colors of your form as well as the form title. The colors are in a hex code format, in you wish to change them but don’t know the hex codes of the new colors you would like here is a good utility for that information.You can also preview your form by clicking “Preview ePay Form”.

3. After you have this form looking the way you would like copy the link under “Payment Form Link”

4. In the HTML code of your website where you would like the option to allow your customers to pay their bill online enter this code:

<form action=””> <input name=”UMkey” type=”hidden” value=”[key]” /> <input name=”UMcommand” type=”hidden” value=”sale” />

<input name=”UMamount” type=”text” value=”Enter Amount” />

<input name=”UMinvoice” type=”hidden” value=”[invoice]” />

<input name=”UMhash” type=”hidden” value=”[hash]” /> <input type=”submit” value=”Continue to Payment Form” /> </form>

On your website this code will appear to your customer as:

The customer can enter the amount they wish to be charged and then select “Continue to Payment” to fill in the rest of the billing information.

If you wish to add other fields to this example form you can do this by making simple changes to the HTML code. For example: if you wish to add an invoice number field to this simple form you would make these changes.
<input type=”text” name=”UMinvoice” value=”Enter Invoice Number”>

Changing the input type from “hidden” to “text” allows the field “UMinvoice” to be visible. Getting rid of the brackets in the value field allows this area to have the text that you would like your customer to see. In this example we used “Enter Invoice Number” to your customer this code will now appear as:

You can do this to any of the fields in the code above but you cannot get rid of any of these fields as they are necessary for the form to work. For a list of all of the available fields, what they do, and other features you can implement click here.

Newsletters & Promotions

Reaching out to customers through newsletters and offers can keep people informed of your new products and services, affording your company another level of economic success.As we are all busy running the day to day aspects of our life, it can seem like a daunting and time consuming task.

Probill allows you to easily keep in touch with customers by sending out newsletters or other documents to your customers via regular “snail” mail or email. To do this, simply create a document in our Document Editor by selecting Setup > Documents from the main screen in Probill. From there you can either edit an existing document or create a new one. You can also import a document from Microsoft Word by selecting Create and then File > Import and finding the document you want on your computer.

The great thing about Probill’s document editor is that it’s easy to customize documents so that look like they are going to one customer in particular without the need to individually create them. For example, you can begin your letter with something like:

Dear Customer,

Probill can fill in “customer” with your exact customer’s name, so that it looks like the document was created specifically for them. These fields are called “keywords”. You can customize a document in this way by any of the fields you have on your customer information screen.

The way to do this in the document editor is to choose where you want to enter a keyword, such as “customer name”. In Probill’s document editor select Insert Keyword from the drop down menu at the top. When the menu pops up you’ll be given a list of all of the available keywords.

In the “Dear Customer” example you would type in “Dear ” and then select Insert Keyword > Billing Address Info > Billing Contact. Probill will insert the keyword [BillingContact]. You can always tell what keywords are being used in your document by the brackets.

When you have your letter made and are ready to print or email your document, go to the customer information screen. You can print or email your document to an individual customer by pulling that customer up and selecting documents from the menu on the right of the screen. Then choose the document you would like to send and select either Print or Email.

If you would like to print or email the document to multiple customers you can do this by going to the Customer Information Screen then selecting “Find” and searching for something the customers you want to reach out to have in common. So, for example, if you wanted to print and mail documents to all of your customers you might search by the state you are in. If you want to email all of your customers then you could search the email address field by the “@” symbol. This function will pull up a list of your customers with a button to “Print Multiple Documents” at the bottom. From there, you have the ability to choose the document you would like to print or email.

Postal Increase

As you are probably aware, the Post Office is increasing postal rates effective January 26th from 46 to 49 cents per piece. As a result of this increase Probill is forced to increase the price of our Mail Processing Service.

To comply with the Post Office’s changes the price per mail piece will now be 70 cents if paid via ACH (electronic check) or 72 cents per mail piece if paid via credit card. Considering we provide the form, envelope, and reply envelope, in addition to doing all of the processing for you at only 19 cents apiece over postage, we think you will agree our mail processing service still processes your mail at a rate substantially lower than you could do it for yourself!

With the ever rising cost of postage we’d also like to invite you to take a look at Probill’s electronic payment processing if you have not already. Credit card and ACH processing are one of the most popular features we facilitate. Not only will electronic processing reduce your carbon footprint by decreasing the number of bills you need print or upload to us, it can also reduce your collections and the time you have to spend entering payments.

For more information see our FAQ page on electronic processing

Charging Late Fees

Probill will provide you with three different options to charge late fees:

Fixed Late Fees: This option tells Probill to charge a certain amount after a customer goes beyond a certain amount of time past the due date. For example, you can tell Probill to add a $5 late charge after account is 30 days past due. This is the most straightforward and simple way of charging customers late fees.

Annual Percentage Rate (APR): Charging customer via an APR is a bit more complicated. Investopedia explains APR this way:

“The annual rate that is charged for borrowing (or made by investing), expressed as a single percentage number that represents the actual yearly cost of funds over the term of a loan. This includes any fees or additional costs associated with the transaction.”
Basically, you are charging interest on the payment that is owed to you. Keep in mind, APR is the “annual” percentage rate. That is why when you put an APR into Probill it automatically divides the number by 12 (12 months per year) and gives you the monthly rate. Also note that there are limitations to how much you can charge. This limit varies from state to state and between industries. In Probill you can not set an APR of more than 50%. For example, the majority of credit card companies (known for their high rates) don’t charge more than 30% APR.

Now there are some problems when charging customers these fees. Let’s take two examples:

A customer that owes you $25.00 on their normal recurring bill
A customer that owes $6,000 on an install that you did last month.

In the first scenario a $5 fixed late fee on the $25 charge is a great incentive for your customer to pay you now as well as on time in the future. However charge them a late fee at 18% APR, or 1.5% per month, and that’s only about 38 cents – not much of an incentive.

Now take the second case, to someone who owes $6,000 an extra $5 isn’t going to make much of an impact. However, charge them at the 18% APR and they’ve racked up a late fee of $90.

For this reason, Probill has a third option to charge late fees.

Greater of Fixed or APR: If you elect to choose this option it mitigates the problems of the other two by combining them. Basically when adding late charges, Probill looks at the amount a customer owes you and calculates the late charge based on APR. If this amount is less than your preset, fixed amount (say $5), then Probill just charges the $5. If the APR calculated amount is more than $5 than the customer will be charged the late fee as calculated by APR.

You probably aren’t going to make much money charging late charges. You should, however, charge them as it gives your customer an incentive to pay and pay on time as nobody wants to get charged extra money. Now you CAN charge them whichever way you like (fixed, APR, or greater of); however, our team always recommends that you charge them via the Greater of Fixed or APR option as its the best way to structure late charges in a way that will always give your customers an incentive to pay you on time.

Electronic Payments

In today’s day and age the way we pay for goods and services has vastly shifted from paying either in cash or check to a piece of rectangular plastic. We all know that eye-roll induced feeling of standing behind the old lady still paying by check at the grocery store, and most of us have come to realize the benefits of paying with plastic, but do we all realize the benefits of online billing?

Much like the old lady taking 10 minutes to make out a check, many of us still spend a lot of time manually paying bills, and small businesses spend even more time mailing out bills to their customers. The benefit of a service that helps out with payments saves time keeping you from becoming the old lady in the grocery store.
Probill benefits small businesses allowing you to set up recurring billing and automatic payments, making it a lot easier for your customers. Instead of tracking, organizing and processing payments manually each month, with Probill you are able to bill and charge your customers for services instantaneously; ultimately simplifying your business and the payment process for your customers. By setting up with our gateway and obtaining your customers’ credit card or bank account information Probill has the ability too securely and automatically process customer payments every billing cycle without the hassle of collecting and entering check payments.

Credit card use and processing shows no sign of slowing down, so why not start a new bandwagon and start using technology to send out your bills and charge customers. Take advantage of automated billing to reduce your receivables and simplify this time consuming process for your costumers, making your small business less stressful than it tends to already be.

For more information see our FAQ page on electronic processing


Recurring Billing

Recurring billing allows companies to charge their clients the same amount each billing cycle for goods or services provided during that period. One example of such a company might be an alarm company who charges its clients each month for monitoring provided during that time. Typically the customer is charged this amount indefinitely until either the company providing the service or the customer decide to cancel.

What’s So Great About Recurring Billing?

One thing that makes recurring billing so powerful is that once you have a client signed up you don’t really need to worry about reselling them each month. Take for example, a waste management company. Once you have a customer sign up for your service, say garbage collection, you know they will be a customer for as long as they need their trash collected. Say you gain just 50 new customers a year, in 10 years you’ll have 500 customers. The point being that once a customer is added to your database and you bill the on a recurring cycle you won’t have to sell them the same service each month. In this way your business’ growth is exponential. You are guaranteed money each billing cycle and then can focus your efforts on gaining new clients or up-selling your existing customer base.

Furthermore, you always have a book of customers, so let’s say the economy is slow and you aren’t gaining new customers as quickly as you’d like, or your existing customers aren’t purchasing some of your more advanced or expensive extras. You will always have a book of customers to bill each month. So even though your sales may not be increasing you won’t be suffering a loss either.

When you look at some of the largest businesses in the world, many of them focus on this type of recurring sales. Companies providing anything from waste management, alarm and security, lawn services, pest control services, and cable or satellite providers use a similar model. In fact many industries that once used a one-time sale type business model are moving over to a recurring model. For example, in the video game industry companies behind games such as World of Warcraft, have started selling the use of their game on a subscription basis; charging customers a fixed amount each month or quarter in exchange for access to their games.

So What is Probill?

Probill is one of the best software available to handle recurring billing. Probill will do everything from create one-time invoices and proposals for various jobs, such as installations, to thousands of recurring invoices and statements for your customers each billing cycle. With Probill you have the ability to print or email invoices yourself, or if you are feeling particularly lazy this month you can even upload your bills to us and we can print and mail the invoices or statements for you. If you’d rather not send bills to customers at all, we can set you up to automatically draft your customer’s bank account or charge their credit card each billing cycle.

Probill also makes it easy to track your collections via our receivables reports, detailing to you which of your customers are past due and breaking them down into how long each bill has been outstanding, giving you the ability to keep tabs on those customers and get your money back. If that doesn’t sell you well then you might want to take a look at our advanced document editor which you can use to import or create custom documents to send to your customers. The great thing about Probill’s document generator is that you can use “keywords” to customize your documents by anything on your customers information screen, tailoring the document to each of your customer’s specific information. This works great when sending out late notices, welcome letters, referral notices, and much much more!

How do I order Probill software and what is included?

Probill is a complete accounts receivable program and allows you to enter an unlimited number of customer accounts. You can order the software through our online shopping cart or by phone.

Click here to order Probill online

When you order Probill we ship you a whole package via UPS. It includes:

Hard copy Flashdrive
Users Manual
Unlock Code for your Company Name
Various Instructions/Literature
In addition we include a starter set of our billing supplies consisting of:

250 Dual Windowed Envelopes
250 Preperforated Invoice Forms
250 Windowed Reply Envelopes
The purchase of Probill also entitles you to a year of free software updates and a full year of unlimited toll free technical support.

After your first year, you will receive a renewal notice for your technical support and be notified when any new versions of the software are released. If you would like the newest version of the software mailed to you via flashdrive and another year of unlimited toll free technical support, it is only $96.00. While you are not obligated to renew your support, Probill tries to make new features exciting enough you’ll want the newest version.

How do I network Probill to view the database on multiple computers?

Networking in Probill allows multiple users to share the same database while everyone has their own copy of Probill. The database can be shared by having one computer acting as the server and pointing the other workstations to the shared data. This allows you to enter information on one system and see it on the other systems.

Version 2.8.0 of Probill allows multi-user networking. This means more than one user can now be active in Probill at a time – up to five users.

If you have already purchased the networking version of Probill, call our Technical Support team toll-free at1-800-409-4997 to set implement it on your systems.

How do I email documents or recurring invoices out of Probill?

To setup email in Probill, go to the main screen a click on the “Setup” drop down menu and select “Program.” Select the “Email Setup” tab then click “Setup Email.”

Enter your email address in the “From Address” and “Reply to Address” fields.
If you are using an email account such as Gmail or Yahoo then you will also need to enter your username and password for those accounts. If you are using an email account set up by your internet service provider, we recommend you leave the username and password fields blank unless a test email fails to go through.
You can find your SMTP settings by following the link below.
Select “Send Test Email.”

Click here to find your SMTP Settings

If you test email is sent successfully select “Ok” and “Save” to and your email is now set up. If the email fails to go through, or your provider is not on the list, please give us a call at 1-800-409-4997 and we will walk you through the process.

*Note: Although Probill is capable of mass emailing hundreds of documents and bills directly we have found that some common providers like AOL, Timer Warner, and AT&T may block multiple emails as spam. To remedy this, we have built our own mail server that you may use directly from Probill. With our advanced email server we can assure that these important messages will not be blocked and be delivered in a timely manner. This service allows you to send an unlimited number of emails to your customers for a fixed price of $5.00 per month.

Click here to setup this service

These setup instructions pertain to version 2.8 and higher. If you are running an older version of Probill please click here for setup instructions.

How do I enable version 2.8 credit card and ACH options?

In version 2.8 we have added three new features to streamline and improve automatic payment processing.

Invoice Alert

If you chose to activate this feature Probill will warn you that a customer has additional open invoices when you process their automatic recurring fees. As shown in the picture below, when you go into the Monthly > Auto Process Payments screen to electronically charge your recurring customers payments, any customers with additional open invoices will be deselected by default. Probill will also notify you of their total balance and the number of open invoices the account has. You can choose to charge an individual customer the full amount due anyway by simply rechecking their account. This will change the customer’s status back to “Ready to Process”.

Due Date Alert

By activating this feature in Probill, you will have the option to setup different charge groups for your customers. For example, if you pull up a customer’s Bill and Pay Options screen you will now have the option to charge your customers on the 1st, 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th, or 25th. When you go into the Monthly > Auto Process Payments screen to process your first group on the first of the month for example, any customers you have setup to be charged after this date will be unchecked by default and show a status of “Do Not Process”, as indicated in the picture below. If you need to process a certain customer’s payment before their process date you can do so by simply rechecking their account. This will change the customer’s status back to “Ready to Process”. On the 15th of the month or whatever date you have chosen, when you go into the Monthly > Auto Process Payments screen your next batch of customer’s will be listed and ready to be charged. As shown in the image below. As always you can unselect any customer’s you do not wish to charge by simply unchecking them. You will see their status change to “Do Not Process”.


You can activate either of these options or both of them in Probill by going to the main screen and selecting “Setup” > “Program”. Click on the “Credit Card / ACH” tab at the top of the screen. You can find both options listed at the top of screen to activate simply check the box next to the whichever ones you want to activate them in Probill.

Bill and Pay Options Report

In version 2.8 we have added a great new report to help you view your customer’s by their different bill status and payment options. This report is very useful if you would like to audit your database for any inconsistencies or would like to find out how many customer’s are setup for each payment and/or bill type.One case in which this report can be useful is to find customer’s in which you have the “Enable AutoPay” option selected, but do not have any charge information currently on file. To pull up this report go to Probill’s main screen and select “Reports” > “Bill and Pay Options Report” from the drop down menu. For this example, you will want to make sure that “Customer will Mail Check” is selected at the top. You will notice under this you have a few different options to filter this report by.

  • Bill Type: allows you to filter between recurring and non-recurring accounts
  • Auto Pay Status: filter by whether or not the ‘Enable Auto Pay’ option is checked under bill and pay options for each account
  • Printing Status: filters by whether or not ‘Disable Invoice Printing’ is selected for each account
  • Email Status: filter by whether or not you have elected to Email a customer’s recurring bill to them

Under the ‘Charge to Credit Card’ and Charge to Bank Account’ options you will also have the ability to filter by:

  • Receipt Status: filters by whether or not the customer receives an email receipt when electronically charged
  • Charge Date: filters by which charge date the customer is set up on – if you do not have this option activated in Probill you can learn more about it above

For our purposes we will leave everything except ‘AutoPay Status’ as the default of ‘Show All’. If you click on the drop down menu next to ‘AutoPay Status’ you can chose from ‘AutoPay – Yes’ or ‘AutoPay – No’. Select ‘AutoPay Yes’.

Then click ‘Continue’. Probill will generate a list of any customers that you have set to ‘Customer will mail check’ that also has the ‘Enable AutoPay’ feature selected. You’ll notice that the report also has the status of the other options such as ‘Printing Disabled’ and ‘Email Bill’ listed for your review. If you would like to view the Customer Information Screen for a particular customer listed you can do so easily by double clicking directly on the customer’s name. This will open up the customer’s information so that you can view or make any necessary changes. When you click Finished Probill will bring you back to the report which will then reflect any changes you have made.

Another way this report can be useful is if you need to find the last four digits of a credit card or bank account number. You may need to do this if you are concerned that you have entered in the same charge information for two separate customers or on the rare occasion you have received a charge back.

To do this we will pull up the report generator again by going to ‘Reports’ > ‘Bill and Pay Options Report’ from the main screen. In this example, we are looking for a Visa card ending in 7019. We will select ‘Charge to Credit Card’ and leave the filter options to their default status of ‘Show All’. However, on the right hand side we will uncheck all the card types except for Visa. When we click on ‘Continue’ Probill will pull up a report of all the customer’s you have Visa credit card information on file for.

To search for the end digits of a particular card number we can click on the binocular icon at the top of the screen – this works as a find function. We will type in the last four digits of the card we are looking for ‘7019’ and click Find Next. Probill will search the report and highlight the account with this information. If you hit ‘Find Next’ again, it will search for any other accounts with the information. If it does not find any more you will receive a pop up message saying that it has “Finished Searching the Report”.

As you can see there are many instances this report can be used to search for important information on your customers or to look for inconsistencies in their setup.

Why do invoice emails sometimes look misaligned?

The reason that your invoices or proposal may appear skewed when sent as an email is because they are sent using HTML. The problem with HTML is that different email clients such as Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, etc. render HTML differently. To resolve this issue we have included the option to attach a printable PDF version of the document you want to email. By checking this option the viewer of your email will be able to click on the attachment and view the document exactly as it would look if you had printed and mailed it to him.

When is the deadline to upload my Mail Processing?

Mail files uploaded before 12:00pm (Eastern Time) on Mondays, will be processed and mailed on Tuesday morning.

Mail files uploaded before 12:00pm (Eastern Time) on Thursdays, will be processed and mailed on Friday morning.

We currently mail out over 180,000 bills a month and our processing system starts automatically according to the schedule shown above. Please do not call us and ask us to hold our mail processing time or perform a special mail run for you on an alternate day as this is simply not possible. Keep in mind this schedule is always the same regardless of Holidays. If the Post Office is closed on a mailing day the mail will be dropped off on the next day the Post Office is open (including Saturdays).

How can I run Credit Cards or process Electronic Checks through Probill?

Probill provides you with the ability to charge credit cards and draft bank accounts automatically by interfacing with our Electronic Gateway. After you are setup and enter in your customer’s payment information, once a month when you want to do your electronic billing you simply select Monthly / Auto-Process payments in Probill. This will give you a list of accounts which need to be charged electronically. Simply click the Process button and the software will go through each account, process their payment, email your customer a receipt if desired, and post the payment to each customer’s history. Your funds will be deposited into your bank account in a few business days. In addition, you can process one-time charges through the payment screen.

Click here for a video demonstration of Probill’s electronic processing!

Whether you’d like to process credit card, electronic bank draft, or both setting up electronic transactions in Probill is easy!

Click here for more information on setting up electronic processing in Probill

Once your account is activated we are sure you will love the added convenience and profitability that Probill’s electronic processing offers you and your customers.

If you have any questions please feel free to give us a call at 1-800-409-4997.

What is the contact information for PaySimple, Vericheck, or USA ePay?

Paysimple Contact Info
Phone: 1-800-466-0992
Fax: 303-374-5378

Vericheck Contact Info
Phone: 404-872-4585
Fax: 404-665-3465

USA EPAY Contact Info
Phone: 1-866-872-3729 or 323-931-3122
Fax: 1-323-931-2231

How do I change my password on the Credit Card / ACH terminal?

For security regulations, Visa and Mastercard require your Gateway access password to be changed every ninety days. To change your password go to the change password screen display by the Gateway and enter your old password followed by the new one you choose to use for the next ninety days. Keep in mind, this new password cannot be one you have used in the last four times you’ve updated. Next, enter this new password back into Probill by going to “Program” and clicking “Setup” screen and select save. This will allow Probill to automatically log you into the gateway for the next ninety days.

You can find your old password and username by again selecting “Setup” and then “Program.” You will see this information displayed under the Credit Card/ ACH tab in Probill.

How do I setup Probill on a new computer?

You are free to put Probill on as many systems as you would like as long as it’s under your company name. Many users have a copy of Probill on their office computer, home computer, laptop, or anywhere else it’s convenient. If you would like to add Probill to another computer the first thing you need to check is the version of the software you are currently running. If you are unsure, on the title bar it should say ver. 2.X where X indicates the version. Once you determine your version, you will want to back up your current data to an external device such as a flash drive or CD (*instructions below).

If you are running version 2.8.0 or 2.8.5:
This is the newest version of the software which can always be found on our website.

Click here to download the program

Once the program finishes downloading, a window will pop-up and ask you to Run or Save, select Run. This will run through Probill’s installer.

If you are running ver. 2.74 or earlier:
Important: Do NOT download the program from our website unless you are positive you are eligible for the upgrade. If you are not eligible, download the software, and restore your data you MUST upgrade and get a new support renewal code as your data will not be accessible without it.

If you do not wish to upgrade you will need to install the program from the hard copy CD that matches the version you are currently running. To do this simply insert the CD. Windows installer will pop up and take you through the program installation. If it does not pop up after a few seconds, go to “Computer” or “My Computer” and double click on the CD drive and run setup.exe.

To install:
We recommend that you use the default settings provided and do not making any changes. Once the installer is finished, open up Probill. On the first screen choose your business type and select Setup Company. The next screen will ask you if you want to Run Demo or Start Trial; however, at the bottom of the screen you’ll also have an option that says, “Already own Probill, click here to restore your customer data” insert your backup media and select restore. Once your data is restored exit out of Probill and then restart it. This will automatically unlock the software and restore all of your data.

*Note: If you are unsure of how to backup or restore your data please see our FAQ


How do I use the document editor to create, edit, or send documents?

Probill’s document editor gives you the ability to print or email custom made documents straight out of the program. These documents are easily customizable and allow you to automatically enter customer information from the program by utilizing keywords. You can choose to either print or email documents to an individual customer or to a group customer’s.

To select or create custom letters and documents for use in Probill, select “Setup” then “Documents” from the main menu. This will display the document selection screen. On this screen are two document selection boxes, Available Documents and Document In Use. The Available Documents box displays the names of all documents currently available for use in Probill. The Documents In Use box shows all documents that are actively being used by the program.

Using Documents
If you want to add a document to the Documents In Use box so that you can start using it in Probill highlight the document name in the list and select the Use Doc button. The document will be added to the Documents in use listbox and will now be available for use in Probill. By clicking on the list box below the Available Documents caption you can display the available documents by document type. You can reorder the documents in the list by selecting the up / down order buttons to the left of the documents in use box.

Removing Documents
If you want to remove a document from the Documents In Use box so that it is no longer shown in Probill highlight the document name in the list and select the Remove Doc button. The document will be removed from the Documents in use list box and will no longer be available for use in Probill.

Deleting Documents
If you want to delete a document you’ve created so that it is removed from the Probill documents lists, highlight the name of the document and select the Delete button. The delete option is not available for the documents supplied with Probill. These documents are protected and cannot be deleted from the program.

Editing Documents
If you would like to change a document and customize it for use with your business, highlight the document name and select the Edit button. This will display the document in Probill’s Document Editor where you can make your changes. The Document Editor is Probill’s built in word processing program. It serves multiple uses in Probill allowing you to view custom documents, annotate documents, and fill out comment form templates that become a part of each customers database file. You can also use the Document Editor to select, edit, and create your own custom documents for use with Probill.

Viewing and Annotating Documents
When you select the Documents button from the main Account Screen you can choose from a number of custom documents. When you click on the View button on the Documents screen, the custom document is created by merging in data from the customer’s database record and is then displayed in Probill’s Document Editor. Once the document is displayed you can view it or annotate (edit) the document if you would like before printing or emailing it.

Comment Form Templates
When you select the Comments button from the main Account Screen in Probill you will be presented with a special version of the Document Editor. The editor now has a list box labeled Template –> that you can use to choose a document template for the comment screen. These document types are preset forms that can be filled out and actually become part of the customers database file.

We have tried to create useful template documents for your use. If however, you have a custom data form that you use in your business that you would like us to add to Probill give us a call. If we think the document would be a good addition to Probill we will create a custom data form for it and allow you to use it with your database free of charge. By creating a collection of custom forms created by our users, that we can share with all users, we hope to make Probill more powerful and expandable in the future. If you have a proprietary form that you would like us to create for use with Probill, and you do not want to share it with other users, contact us for an estimate on having us add your custom form to your copy of Probill for your sole use.

Creating Documents
Creating custom documents is fairly easy if you have ever used a word processor in windows. If you would like to edit one of the documents that we have supplied with Probill, or create your own custom document for use with Probill, you can use the Advanced Document Editor. The Advanced Document Editor is accessed by selecting Setup… Documents from the Probill’s main menu screen. Here you can choose an existing document to edit or create a new document.

Once you are in the Advanced Document Editor you can create your custom document. Custom documents are created just like you would create any document in any word processor. Probill’s Advanced Document Editor is a full fledged word processor with many of the functions you would find in a large commercial word processing package. The main difference between creating a document in a regular word processor, and using Probill’s Advanced Document Editor, is that our document editor allows you to insert database keywords into your document. Database keywords are merge fields that will be substituted with actual customer database when used in Probill. To insert keywords into your document as you are creating, select the Insert Keyword menu option from the main menu in the document editor or right click your mouse anywhere in your document while editing. This will provide you with a list of database keywords that correspond with database fields in Probill. By creating custom documents in the document editor that include database keywords you can create powerful useful documents for your company that are formatted and filled out automatically at the touch of a button.
If you feel more comfortable using your own word processor, or have existing documents that you have created in a program like Microsoft Word, you can use your existing program to create your document and copy the text into Probill’s Document Editor. To do this simply create your document in your favorite word processing program, then select and copy the text from your word processor and paste it into Probill’s Document Editor. You can then make any necessary adjustments to the document in Probill, add database keywords, and save your document.

Additional Comments
Please note not all of the editing functions are available for all document types. In the Template and Account Info document types are preset by Probill normally not be edited. Templates are the documents that are available when you select the Comments button from the main Account Screen. These document types are preset forms that can be filled out and actually become part of the customers database file. We have tried to create useful template documents for your use. However, if you have a custom data form that you use in your business that you would like us to add to Probill give us a call. If we think the document would be a good addition to Probill we will create a custom data form for it and allow you to use it with your database. By creating a collection of custom forms created by our users that we can share with all users we hope to make Probill more powerful and expandable in the future. If you have a proprietary form that you would like us to create for use with Probill, and you do not want to share it with other users, contact us for an estimate on having us add your custom form to your copy of Probill for your sole use.

For further information and to see how some these processed work, click here to view our flash video.

How can I print a document on the back of my recurring bills?

One very popular feature in Probill is duplexing. Newsletters, credit card and ACH offers, or response requests are just some examples of documents users add to the back of printed invoices. You can easily add these to the back of your invoices when running your monthly billing. Simply check the box at the bottom of the screen that says “Print a letter on the back of your invoices.” After this box is checked, a window will pop up allowing you to select or edit one of our pre-existing documents.

To create and save your own documents go to the “Setup” drop down menu and select “Documents” to create something new or permanently alter an existing document.

**Please be aware that if you are printing your bills yourself you must have a printer that supports duplexing. Alternatively, if you are uploading your bills to our Mail Processing Service it is an additional 8 cents per invoice.

I am having trouble printing out of Probill, how can I fix this?

To set a printer in Probill go to the main screen and select the “Setup” drop down menu and click “Printer” then choose the correct printer.

If you are unable to print from Probill, first check if you can print from another program. If you can, double click under “My Computer” or “This PC” (which can be accessed from the start menu). Sometimes your printer may be listed as “XYZ Printer – copy” or something similar. If this is the case, you will need to make sure the name of the printer listed is exactly the same as the one in Probill.

If you cannot print from another program, there is a problem with your actual printer and you may want to try restarting it or reinstalling the driver software. If you have misplaced the printer CD you can also find the software from the manufacturer’s website.

What are the benefits of accepting electronic payments?

As you may know, the fast paced technological world we live in today can be a confusing place in regards to the way businesses and finances are run today. Thankfully, there are resources such as the internet that can give us methods towards getting a jumpstart on more efficient business interactions. There are many advantages of online payments and the following reasons can help not only you towards improving your companies efficiency, but will also provide much easier transactions for your customers.

With the use of online payments, setting up recurring billing and auto-pay becomes a lot easier for your customers. Instead of tracking, organizing and processing payments manually each month, you will be able to bill customers for services instantaneously. Adding this time management skill can save your company a lot of time, making it possible for your company to focus on other important things; such as expanding the business and expanding your customer base.

Save & Make Money
A study by ConnectedPlanet shows that individual businesses spend nearly $1,000 in postage, paper, and supplies for billing every year. The way of online payments can eliminate these costs and can give your company the freedom to expand these savings on to things such as bettering your product and customer service.

The New Way
The recent shift towards online shopping is growing immensely in the way people purchase goods. This is not something to fear or hide from, but rather something to embrace. A study by IDC shows that 73.5% of American consumers now use online billing payments. With this large percentage of online consumers and the era of the tablet, can your company afford not to accept online payments?

Sales Increase
The many forms of online payments (credit card processing, electronic check) allows the ease of online payments with the few clicks of a button which grants more impulse buying rather than cash or check. Give your customers the ability to spend more money and they will do such.

Time Saving
Probill makes it easy to run electronic payments. After you are setup to run credit card and or ach transactions. Once a month after running your bills you’ll simply select Monthly > Auto Process Payments. This will give you a list of all the customers you have set up to charge on a recurring basis. You’ll hit Process and Probill will run through all of the transactions. If approved the amount of the payment and approval code will be added to your customers’ history. In a few days you will see the funds from the transactions in your bank account. The whole process takes less than five minutes. Compared to the time it takes to individually enter physical check payments to each customer’s account, charging customers electronically is a breeze!

For a video demonstration of the way electronic processing works in Probill click here

See our FAQ page for more information on setting up electronic processing

Can I put Probill on my smartphone or tablet?

Probill does not currently have an app for iPhone or Android operating systems. However, many users still access Probill remotely through popular programs like LogMeIn or Teamviewer. These products enable you to view your entire desktop from your smartphone, tablet or another PC from anywhere with an internet connection. Simply go to either of their websites and create an account to install the software onto your computer. One the program is installed you have the ability to access your PC from anywhere in the world.

Click here for more information about LogMeIn

Click here for more information about Team Viewer.

What do I do if I get an error in Probill?

Each line of code in Probill is protected by an error handler. This feature protects your customer database and prevents any faulty or corrupt data from being passed by the program into the database. Errors typically happen when an abnormality occurs on your system – like a hard drive write failure.

Generally, error messages are not a problem and will not effect your data in general. If an error message pops up, hit “Abort” or “Ignore” until you can completely exit out of the program. At this point, restart probill and double check that the last batch of information you entered has been saved correctly.

On the off chance you have an error that occurs continually, like when you are doing something specific (entering customer payments for example) this could be an indication of a more serious issue. We recommend you write down the complete error message and give us a call for further instruction.

How do I search for reports?

As the tax season is upon us, many customers are running reports and analyzing last year’s receivables. Often customers ask for reports which only show certain information. For example, the other day someone wanted a report which showed all of the payments made by credit card.

To create this report I went to the main screen in Probill and selected Reports > Search or Print Old Payments.  I changed the date range to show the full year of 2012 (start date 1/1/2012 – end date 12/31/2012) and elected not to show credits by unchecking the box next to them. A long report was created showing all of the payments made in 2012.

The next step was to filter the report to only show the information I wanted. To do this I simply selected the little hand symbol at the top of the screen and the selected “New”.

Choose the field I wanted to filter by (in this case rpt.txtTransactionReference)

Then I used the drop down menu to filter the report by all payments with a transaction reference beginning with *cc and selected add.

Upon clicking Ok a new report was generated showing only those payments made by credit card (as denoted by the *cc at the beginning of the transaction reference).

You can use this same process to filter any report by anything that is on that report!
Some other things to note about reports:
1. Almost all reports will be organized by the way your customer database is sorted. For example, if you typically have your customer database sorted by customer number and you pull a list of all of your customers they will be sorted numerically by customer number. Exceptions to this are any reports that need a date range before viewing. These reports such as, Search or Print Old Invoices, are always organized by date.
2. The binoculars at the top of the report allow you to search the report for something specific, such as a particular invoice number or customer name.
3. The envelope with the red arrow allows you to export the report into Excel – Simply click the envelope scroll down in the Format box and select Excel. Then change the Destination to Application > Click Ok and choose where you want to save the file to.
4. Clicking on a particular item on a report will give you more information about it. For example, if you run a sales report and double click on a particular category, it will give you a list of all the invoices created in that category.
5. Keep in mind that the date of invoices in a report is based on their due date.
6. If you would like to view a list of all of your customers choosing Print Customer Records will not immediately start printing this list. It will let you choose whether you would like to print by Premise or Billing Location and then give you a list of this information like the other reports.

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