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Probill is a complete accounts receivable program designed to facilitate recurring bill payments. Whether your customers want a printed bill, emailed bill, or no bill at all Probill makes it easy to please your clients. Need to charge your customers electronically? Probill will handle both one time and recurring bill payments with ease. Probill’s built in reports allow you to track your receivables and keep up to date on collections, while the advanced document editor allows you tailor custom documents and letters to keep in touch with your customers and inform them of new product and service offerings.

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Set it and Forget it

  • Enter a customer’s billing and contact information
  • Choose from multiple billing cycles, payment amount, and tax rate
  • Search for customers in a variety of ways
  • Account and financial information available from one easy to navigate screen
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Once a Month Process Billing

  • Select the month you are billing for
  • Choose your customer’s due date and assess late fees
  • Preview bills right on screen before sending
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Print, Email, or Upload

  • Mass email invoices at no charge
  • Print bills on our custom pre-perforated forms
  • Upload bills to us for folding, stuffing, and mailing to your customers
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Charge Credit Cards and Draft Bank Accounts

  • Enter billing info to allow Probill to securely process electronically
  • Support for both one time and recurring payments
  • Easily setup a ‘”Pay Now” button on your website
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View and Track Receivables

  • Monitor past due customers to keep on top of collections
  • Includes sales and sales tax reports
  • Filter reports to view only exactly what you need
  • Easily export reports and customer information to Microsoft Excel and Word
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Create Custom Documents

  • Use keyword functionality to print or email tailored late notices, newsletters, and other documents to clients
  • Print mailing labels
  • Create templates to be stored in your customer information screen

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