Our Simple Invoicing Process Will Save You Time

Probill’s goal is to optimize recurring billing by creating invoices in bulk based on presets you’ve selected for your customers. Generate bills to email, print yourself, or take advantage of our Mail Processing Service (MPS) and upload your invoices to our secure server for printing and mailing. These bills are printed on our pre-perforated invoice forms and enclosed in a USPS first-class dual windowed mailing envelope along with a secure check return envelope. Each mail piece is pre-sorted, bar-coded and address corrected to optimize delivery. The bills even appear to come directly from your company. There is no sign up fee to begin the service or obligation to use it every month – simply upload your mail file when convenient and Probill will process and mail your billing on our scheduled days. Not only will MPS save you time, the cost is actually done for cheaper than you can do yourself.

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Invoice Management Tools

We’ve made invoicing as easy as possible.

1. Mass Emailing

Email invoices from the program at no cost.

2. Print Your Invoices

Print bills on our custom, pre-perforated invoice forms.

3. Let Us Do the Work!

Upload bills for us to print & mail.

One-Time Invoices

Here at Probill, we know the heartache associated with managing all of the invoices sent in and out on a monthly and daily basis. That’s why we’ve created our simple, yet, efficient invoice management tool. Probill’s invoice generator can be completely customized to meet your company’s needs.

Start organizing your invoice generator by creating different sales categories for your reference on reports. Then, generate a list of invoice items for your company’s most common services. Invoice items can include descriptions and amounts then saved either individually or grouped together. Comment items can also be included to further eliminate the time consuming task of making invoices by hand.

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More Features Probill Plus has to Offer

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View & Track Receivables

  • Monitor past due clients & keep on top of collections
    View sales & sales tax reports
    Search & filter reports by category
    Export reports to excel
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Create Custom Documents

  • Use keyword functionality to print or email tailored late notices, newsletters, and other documents to clients
  • Print mailing labels
  • Create templates to be stored in your customer information screen
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Charge Credit Cards & Draft Bank Accounts

  • Enter credit card or bank account information
    Process one-time & recurring transactions
    Set up a ‘”Pay Now” button on your website

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