Manual Mail vs. Mail Processing


The chart to the right provides a comparison between traditional mailing methods and our Mail Processing Service. The pricing is based on our supplies in different quantities. For example, if you purchase forms, envelopes and return envelopes 1,000 at a time, your current cost per mail piece for supplies is about 26 cents plus an additional 2 cents for ink/toner not including the cost of labor or postage.

The US Post Office estimates the average person can fold, stuff and post only 100 envelopes per hour. Even at $8.00 per hour, this adds an additional 8 cents per piece – which would bring your total costs to approximately 36 cents per piece without postage.

Clearly, traditional billing does not equate to our Mail Processing Service. We offer our service at only 21 cents per piece (plus the 50 cents you would already pay for postage) and all you have to do is hit a button!

mail comparison


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