Probill’s Advanced Email Server


If you would like to do mass email out of Probill’s features we strongly recommend that you use our new advanced email server platform. While Probill has the capability of mass emailing hundreds of documents or bills directly. We have found that many common service providers like AOL, Time Warner, AT&T will block multiple emails as spam. This can be disastourous if you are emailing important informational pieces or bills directly out of Probill.

As such we have built our own mail server that you may use to email from Probill. With our Advanced Email Server you can be assured that we will make our best possible effort to insure that all of your emails are delivered in a timely manner to your critical customer database. Our Advanced Email Server lets you send an unlimited number of emails to your clients for a fixed fee of $5.00 a month.

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If you would like to try to use your existing mail server to mass email out of Probill, please call us for details on the best way to use your existing account.


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