Features of our Storage Company Billing Software

Probill Plus is a complete accounts receivable program whether your customers want a printed bill, emailed bill, or no bill at all, our software makes it easy to please your clients. Need to charge customers electronically? Probill will handle both one-time and recurring transactions with ease.

  • Set it & Forget it
  • Once a Month Process Billing
  • Print, Email or Upload Bills
  • Charge Credit Cards & Draft Bank Accounts
  • View & Track Receivables
  • Create Custom Documents

Automate Storage Bills

Is it a hassle to manage not just the recurring billing for customers, but the one-time invoices sent in and out on a daily basis? Making either of these by hand will be a thing of the past after transitioning to Probill.

Let Probill generate recurring invoices and statements in bulk by setting presets for each of your customer accounts. Even customize the software’s invoice generator and eliminate the hassle of entering the same information multiple times.

Storage Company Billing Software
Storage Company Platform

Manage your Members

While Probill Software initially comes with a few preset documents, new documents can either be created or modified from one of our existing templates.

Personalize these documents to fit your storage company’s needs and mass email these to customers, print them on the back of invoices, or let Probill print labels for mailing.

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