Features of our Waste Management Billing Software

Probill Plus is a complete accounts receivable program whether your customers want a printed bill, emailed bill, or no bill at all, our software makes it easy to please your clients. Need to charge customers electronically? Probill will handle both one-time and recurring transactions with ease.

  • Set it & Forget it
  • Once a Month Process Billing
  • Print, Email or Upload Bills
  • Charge Credit Cards & Draft Bank Accounts
  • View & Track Receivables
  • Create Custom Documents

Automate Waste Management Bills

Make your waste management company’s most common services standard recurring charges in Probill. Enter a description, an amount, next billing date and tax rate for each service. Apply these charges to the appropriate customers and let Probill generate invoices on the billing cycle of your choice.

Doing a special one time service or pickup? Tack this onto a customer’s monthly bill with our special recurring line item rather than creating an additional invoice.

Accept Electronic Payments

Securely charge credit cards or draft bank accounts directly through the program using our merchant processor, PaySimple, or even your own merchant.

Allow Probill to automatically generate your recurring invoices and statements then simply process your credit card or Automatic Bank Draft(ACH) transactions with the click of a button. Process these payments all at once or enable Probill’s feature for multiple charge dates.

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