Accept Electronic Payments

Accept Credit Cards with PaySimple

We proudly introduce our merchant processor PaySimple. Our close partnership has allowed us to integrate them directly into our software so we can offer special processing rates for our customers. Learn more >>

Accept Credit Cards with Your Processor

Already happy with your merchant? It may be possible to integrate with them as well. See which processors we are compatible with. Learn more >>

Accept ACH Payments with Vericheck

Electronic checks have never been cheaper or easier to process. Skip high credit card processing fees and exclusively draft bank accounts directly through Probill. Learn more >>

Electronic Processing through PaySimple

Charge recurring customers in bulk, check deposit dates, reconcile bank statements and void/reverse transactions directly through our program all with a few clicks. As a Probill customer, you will even receive exclusive pricing to meet your billing needs. Click here to view  for more information and to review PaySimple’s rate sheet.

Credit Card Processing through Your Merchant

If your merchant’s back-end processor is compatible, it is possible to set you up on our open gateway, USAePay. Charge customers through Probill, check deposit dates, reconcile bank statements and reduce the time of manually entering information into Probill.  Click here to see the list of compatible processors.
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ACH Processing through Vericheck

Processing transactions through Probill is now even cheaper than a single stamp! No longer do you need to enter single check references into the software, or more importantly – take paper checks to the bank for deposit. Process your transactions through our program for only 54 cents a piece (no matter the amount) and wait for funds to be deposited directly into your account. Click here for more information on Vericheck >>

See How Electronic Processing Works!