Generate Recurring Invoices & Statements Automatically

Easily Automate Recurring Billing

Set up standard recurring charges for your most commonly used services to automatically generate on customer’s bills.

Set Statement & Late Fee Options

Generate statements and assess late fees to reduce collections and as a a reminder to customers that their bill is overdue

Upload to Mail Processing Service

Print and mail bills yourself, or upload to our secure server for printing and mailing. Bills even appear to come directly from your company!

recurring billing screenshot

Set Default Recurring Charges

Choose the customer’s billing cycle, then simply checkbox the services for which you want to charge them. Probill will generate your recurring invoices and statements when you run your billing and document the information on the customer’s history screen. Continue Reading…

Set Statement and Late Fee Options

Automatically generate statements for customers when they are overdue on a payment, whether they are currently due; over 30 days past, 60 days or 90 days. Additionally, you can tell the program to tack on fixed late charges, APR (annual percentage rate) late charges, or the greater sum of the two. You can implement these options for all customers, or uncheck specific customers who you do not want to receive a late notice.  Continue Reading…

Mail Processing Service​

At a price cheaper than you can do yourself, this is our favorite Probill feature to present to our valued customers. Do away with ordering and storing supplies, the costs of ink and toner, and the tedious maintenance or printing issues. Try our Mail Processing Service by uploading your bills directly to us, we will process and mail each invoice for you! Continue Reading…