Set Statement & Late Fee Options

Customers that get too far behind on payments are more likely to cancel service than those who are not. Therefore, sending statements and assessing late charges can be a very effective way of insuring on-time payments and keeping collections in check.

Statement Options

Establish when statements are generated for late accounts by configuring your own statement preferences. These settings can be found by clicking the text “Setup” and selecting “Program” from the drop-down menu. Select the “Statement Options” tab and here you can determine the options that work best for you.

Late Charge Options

To choose your late charge option, click the text “Setup” and select “Company” from the drop-down menu. Find “Late Charge Setup” from this screen and “Save” when finished to apply your settings. In Probill, late charges can be setup in four different ways:

A set fee amount will be asessed, regardless of how much the customer owes

The late charge is generated based on a percentage of the amount of money the customer currently owes.

The greater fee of the above two methods will be charged to the customer

Customers are never charged on past due invoices