Create Custom Documents

Probill’s document editor gives you the ability to print or email custom made documents straight out of the program. These documents are easily customizable and allow you to automatically enter customer information from the program by utilizing keywords. You can choose to either print or email documents to an individual customer or to a group of customer’s.

Document Editor

Probill’s Document Editor is a full-fledged word processor with many of the functions you would find in a large commercial word processing package.

The main difference between creating a document in a regular word processor, and using Probill’s is that our document editor allows you to insert database keywords into your document. Database keywords are merge fields that will be substituted with actual customer database when used in Probill. By creating custom documents in the document editor that include database keywords you can create powerful useful documents for your company that are formatted and filled out automatically at the touch of a button.

document editor screenshot

Comment Form Templates

When you select the “Comments” button from the Account Screen in Probill you will be presented with a special version of the Document Editor. These document types are preset forms that can be filled out and become part of the customers database file.

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