Create Customer Accounts

Are you fed up with managing all of your invoices and statements manually? So much so, that when it comes around to submitting your customer’s information it’s a complete headache? Well, look no further. Probill Plus is a piece of accounts receivable management software that’s here to do the tedious work for you. Rather than manually generating hundreds, or even thousands, of invoices each month and managing them yourself, choose to effortlessly automate this process with Probill. Our software enables you to generate invoices, process payments and manage your accounts from a single user interface.

Customer Information Screen

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By default, Probill generates a number for your customers. Starting at 1,000 and auto-incrementing to 1,001; 1,002; 1,003; etc. This allows you to easily identify and sort your customer base. 

Here you can enter your customer’s company name

Important for storing and keeping up-to-date with your customer’s worksite address.

This button toggles between the customer’s billing information and premise information

 By clicking this button, Probill will automatically bring you to
Google Maps and pull up your customer’s address information

Click this drop down menu to choose automatic recurring bills for your customers. (Monthly, Bi-Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Annual, Annual or Non-Recurring)

Dictates the next time your customer will generate a recurring bill

 If you charge taxes on recurring services, you may enter a tax rate in this section. Enter the number as a percentage, i.e. “7.0” (and NOT “0.07”)

How your particular customer will be setup for payments can be viewed and changed by clicking here

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