Review Reports

Probill provides a variety of reports to view, manage, track, and reconcile all of your account receivable needs.

Use the Past Due customer list to quickly see which customer’s have outstanding balances. The report makes it simple to do collections by providing the account’s contact information, and a simple double click on the record brings you right to the customer account.

Selecting the “Receivables” menu option gives an overview of the company’s financial and account status. This report displays the total aging status of all accounts, as well as a total of the accounts receivable.

This report allows you to quickly get an overview of the company’s total sales based on the date reporting period you have selected. The sales report is broken down by month and sales category. The sales categories are inputted when creating individual invoices or based on recurring billing cycle.

Selecting the “Sales Tax Report” menu option allows you to get an overview of all sales taxes to be collected in any given month based on the selection dates you have entered. The taxes are broken down by month and sales tax rate. You can get a detailed view of the invoices that made up your sales tax for any given month by double-clicking on an area in the bar graph chart or a specific item in the sales tax report.

This report allows to choose whether you want to generate a customer list based on the accounts premise or billing information. Once the customer list report is displayed double-clicking on an account in the list will bring up that customer’s “Account Screen” so you can work with that individual account.

The Invoice “Search Selection” screen allows you to search for any combination of Proposals, Invoices, Recurring Bills, or Late Charges that were posted between your selected search dates.

The “Payment Search Selection” screen allows you to search for Payments and/or Credits that where posted between your selected search dates. If you are processing electronic transactions this report also allows you to reconcile your transactions with your bank statement.

Use this report to view and audit how your customers are receiving and paying their recurring bills

This report shows all recurring accounts that are currently entered in Probill, their monthly billing amount, billing cycle and next billing date. It also displays totals indicating the average monthly billing amount, total average monthly billing amount and the total amount that is currently due.

This utility allows you to export customer data to Excel. You can export just “Customer Bill” or “Premise” information, as well as export all of your customer data. This feature can be useful if you need specific information that one of Probill’s reports doesn’t provide.