How to Add Electronic Processing Information

To set up electronic processing in Probill, we proudly invite you to take a look at our merchant processor, PaySimple. Our partnership with them has allowed us to set competitive rates for Probill customers. Since our software is tightly integrated to their gateway, you will immediately see the benefit of additional Probill features. These features include the ability to charge on a recurring basis, check deposit dates, reconcile bank statements, and void/refund payments directly through the software.

One of the most useful benefits of working alongside PaySimple is that they also handle ACH processing. Electronic check processing is the most affordable option to automate transaction handling in Probill. With this option, you no longer need to enter single check payments into the software and then take a stack of checks to the bank to deposit – truly a time saver. As with credit card processing, setting up ACH is as simple as entering your customer’s charge information into Probill. All you need to do is process these transactions based on your billing cycles and you’ll see the funds in your bank account in a few business days. For more information about PaySimple and to view their rate sheet click here

If you would prefer to use your existing credit card processor in conjunction with Probill it may be possible. Click here for more information.
If you are only interested in processing payments via electronic checkclick here for more information.

You can also feel free to give us at 1-800-409-4997 to discuss specific integration options with you.