Our Recurring Payment Process

Here at Probill, we aim to make the process of not only invoicing but accepting payments as simple and secure as possible. Our program enables you to safely charge customers via credit card or Automatic Bank Draft (ACH) directly through the program on a recurring basis. Not only does Probill eliminate the need to manually enter in payment references, you can even void and reverse transactions from it’s single user interface.

Industries: Waste Management Billing Software - Membership Management Software

Set up Recurring Transactions

Charging customers on a recurring basis is as simple as 1-2-3

1. Create Customer Account

Enter credit card or bank account information

2. Select Recurring Charges

Choose billing cycle, payment amount & tax rate

3. Determine Pay Options

Choose charge date & receipt options

Safe & Secure

Whether you’d like to take advantage of our merchant processor, PaySimple, or shop around for your own merchant; charging clients electronically is always safe and secure using Probill.

Security updates are released regularly to ensure we maintain the highest level of security required by the Payment Card Industry (PCI).

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More Features Probill Plus has to Offer

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Once a Month Process Billing

Choose invoice date & billing month
Select due date & enter an optional comment
Preview bills right on screen

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Create Custom Documents

  • Use keywords to generate customer information
  • Send emails in bulk or print labels for mailing
  • Create templates to store in customer information files
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Print, Email or Upload Bills

  • Mass email invoices at no cost
    Print on our custom, pre-perforated invoice forms
    Upload bills to us for printing & mailing

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