Best Lawn Care Tools List: Ultimate Landscaping Essentials For Your Business

To get started in the lawn care and landscaping industry, you’ll need to invest a significant amount of money in landscaping equipment and tools. Fortunately, the money you invest now will pay off later. You can provide great service to your consumers when you invest in high-quality equipment.

You definitely have questions regarding the best lawn care instruments, whether you’re new to lawn care services or a seasoned vet. See our list of the top lawn care tools to see which ones you should have.

Landscaping hand tools

gardener raking


Short handled and long handled hand held

Not every gardening equipment requires complex, high-tech components. Many of the hand tools used in landscaping are refreshingly low-tech and easy to use. Hand-powered basic landscaping tools, such as shovels, rakes, and other tools, are essential.

Before we get into the details, here are some general purchase guidelines for hand tools:

  • The handles of the majority of hand tools are made of wood. Wood is a versatile, long-lasting, and cost-effective material. Look for wood with a strong grain.
  • Paintable wood handles should be avoided. When trying to hide low-quality wood, producers usually paint a handle.
  • Landscape tools with tubular (hollow) steel or fiberglass handles are also available, in addition to wood. They’re at least as durable as wood, but they last a lot longer. However, they are usually more expensive than wood.
  • When you use a landscaping tool, the weight of the instrument and how that weight is distributed affects how it feels. If at all feasible, try before buying. Also, D-shaped grips are the most pleasant to hold.

Here are a few more particular gardening equipment to consider:


Although a shovel is a basic garden tool, you’ll probably use it frequently to dig holes, so invest in a decent one. While wood-handled shovels are adequate for commercial work, most experts prefer a fiberglass or steel handle. A shovel is usually a fantastic item to invest in if you want to increase the quality of your work.

Choose a shovel that has a stainless steel head. It’s light, robust, and simple to keep clean. Also, remember to sharpen your shovel at least once a year.


For heavier operations, such as moving soil, gravel, compost, or mulch, use a level-headed steel rake. Leaves, twigs, and other light detritus are raked with the lighter leaf rake.

For both sorts of rakes, wooden handles are usually sufficient. Even when raking soil or gravel, a fiberglass or steel handle is frequently unnecessary.

Pruning shears

They’re used to cut down trees. Hand-powered pruning shears can usually chop through branches that are up to one inch thick. You’ll need gas or electric-powered shears for anything greater.

Hand trowel

This versatile lawn tool may be used for a range of tasks. Use it as a miniature shovel to dig small holes in which to plant seedlings and bulbs, or to root out weeds. Some models are multi-tools with serrated blades and markers to help you precisely estimate the depth of your garden excavations.


Even in a small yard, transporting items from one location to another can become a chore. Wheelbarrows are excellent for moving soil, plants, mulch, hay, and other lawn equipment over short and long distances.


Some of your yard’s larger projects necessitate the use of actual power equipment. Large tree limbs might restrict access to your property and create a nuisance for your neighbors. Your chainsaw’s engine should be able to rev up to 2 to 2.5 horsepower and have a blade that is at least 16 inches long for routine clearance of fallen limbs, dead trees, and the like. Don’t forget the essentials: chain oil, an anti-kickback chain, and safety equipment such as goggles, gloves and appropriate clothing.


Watering your lawn during dry spells is essential for maintaining it lush, green, and healthy, as well as strengthening the roots to prevent winter damage. It’s usual to go out into the garden every day and give your lawn a brief watering, but this will only allow the water to reach the top few centimeter of soil. If only the top layer of soil is wet, the grass roots will go toward the water and grow near the surface.

As a result, they will dry up faster and become more vulnerable to harm. During dry conditions, bathing your grass once or twice a week is significantly better for it and encourages deep and strong rooting foundation.

Landscaping tools

gardener mowing lawn

Powered lawn equipment

Hand tools aren’t always utilized in landscaping. You’ll also require some power tools. Here are some general guidelines for purchasing power landscaping equipment:

While you don’t want to go overboard, investing in high-quality power tools is usually a good choice. A well-made tool performs better and is less likely to malfunction. However, keep an eye out for things you don’t need or won’t use, as they’re a waste of money. In general, go with tools from well-known, significant companies. It’s easy to locate replacement parts if they’re required.

Gas or battery-powered power tools are available for you. Popular Mechanics conducted a head-to-head comparison and discovered:

  • Electric tools are less noisy.
  • Gas-powered equipment is more powerful.

Here’s a closer look at some of the landscaping power equipment you should have:

Grass Mower

Your mower will most likely be the most expensive and largest lawn maintenance tool you purchase. Don’t be scared to spend a big portion of your budget on a good lawnmower. You can do work quickly and correctly with a powerful, well-made mower. It also helps to project a professional image.

A blade with a diameter of 30” or larger is recommended for professional use. Any smaller than that will affect your capacity to mow rapidly. Furthermore, smaller mowers are more likely to break down and require more maintenance.

Grass trimmer

You’ll need a trimmer, often known as a weed whacker, to get rid of weeds and grasses. It’s utilized to give trees, pathways, and other yard features a finishing touch. Trimmers, like lawnmowers, are either gas or electric driven.

Leaf blower

A hand-powered leaf rake should only be used for minor cleanup. The majority of your leaf collection should be done with a leaf blower. It’s the quickest and most effective way to collect a big quantity of stray leaves. Although electric leaf blowers are available, gas-powered leaf blowers are significantly more common in business settings. The operation of leaf blowers necessitates a significant amount of power. During the daytime, gas is usually easier to deal with.

Hedge trimmer

Comfort and portability are important factors to consider while choosing a hedge trimmer. You must hold a hedge trimmer for long periods of time, unlike a mower that you push. Even if you’re in terrific shape, it’s exhausting. A light trimmer with padded, ergonomic grips will keep you comfy throughout the day.

Lawn aerator

Aeration is important for keeping grass healthy and full. Water, oxygen, and nutrients may all circulate freely through the soil with aeration. While hand-powered aerators are available, for commercial use, you’ll need a gas or electric aerator.

Spreaders and sprayers

A broadcast granular spreader is an essential lawn care tool for feeding and weeding your lawn. It evenly disperses fertilizer over a large arc. Add a small capacity (one to three gallon) pressurized herbicide sprayer to your yard work armory for spot weed treatment. For properties bigger than half an acre, a backpack sprayer with a capacity of four or more gallons may be preferable.

Other landscaping tools

You’ll also require a number of other lawn-care instruments that aren’t categorized as either hand or power tools. This third group of lawn care products and equipment deserves a closer study in any landscaping tool list:


Purchasing vehicles can be difficult, especially if your lawn care business is still in its infancy. Purchasing or leasing multiple automobiles is costly and not always doable. When you’re first starting off, it’s fine to only use one truck. Maintain it, though, by keeping it clean and well-maintained. Many lawn care professionals drive beat-up, filthy pickup trucks. A well-kept, clean automobile will help you stand out from the crowd.

Add a company logo to your vehicle as well. It gives the impression of professionalism and helps to build trust. People are at ease knowing that the firm they hired for service will be the same one that arrives at their home.


Buckets aren’t the most fascinating tool in the world, but they’re really useful. You’ll need a lot of buckets for this. They can be used to transport objects, dispose of rubbish, clean up, and more. The best solution is to use heavy-duty plastic buckets. Metal buckets can rust or corrode after prolonged contact with water, whereas plastic buckets keep their shape even when wet. Plastic buckets are also slightly flexible, making them easier to use and store.

Make sure the handle on the buckets you choose is strong. It should contain an ergonomic part to make holding it more comfortable. Pick a bucket with printed measures on the inside as well. This makes it simple to transport exact amounts of liquid without the need for a separate measurement tool.


Do you work in an area where there is a lot of snow? Fortunately, you don’t have to shut down your company over the winter. Many professional landscapers shift their focus from mowing lawns to snow removal.

You want the most powerful snow thrower your budget will allow, just as you would with a lawnmower. You don’t have to buy a snowblower right away, thankfully. Start your business over the summer so you can generate money to assist you buy winter clothes when you need it.

Fertilizing equipment

Get a broadcast granular spreader first. It disperses tiny fertilizer spheres over wide areas. It’ll primarily be used on lawns. A pressurized sprayer is also required. Liquid fertilizer is dispensed through it and is  primarily used in gardens and on plants.

Software for lawn care business

Your landscaping company’s field management software is a useful partner. It’s an easy-to-use tool that can assist with a wide range of company demands. Probill billing software for landscapers for example, keeps track of receivables, generates invoices, and produce sales report. You’ll have more time to focus on lawn care and customer service if you use Probill. You can also easily stay organized.

Safety equipment

heavy duty gloves

Hearing protection

Hearing protection is a topic that isn’t particularly fascinating to discuss, but it is critical.

Gas-powered tools, such as leaf blowers, can be quite noisy, with noise levels exceeding 100 decibels. When you exceed 85 decibels, you begin to expose yourself to noise damage.

Fortunately, ear protection does not have to be expensive, and you can read more about it in my article about lawn care hearing protection. If you’re looking for the cheapest alternative, go with a pair of well-fitting disposable ear plugs.


You’ll need three different types of gloves:

  • Synthetic that can be washed
  • Cotton gloves with latex coating
  • Gloves made of leather

The synthetic gloves are great for working with dry materials in general. The latex-coated cotton gloves will be used to handle moist dirt. Finally, leather gloves offer the greatest level of protection. They’re ideal for planting, digging, and large-scale operations.

Safety goggles

To protect their eyes from flying debris, lawn care personnel require safety goggles. An excellent lawn care professional is also one who is safe. They always wear the proper eyeglasses when they arrive on the scene.

Work boots with steel toes

Your lawn service technicians frequently cross all types of uneven surface  and utilize a lot of dangerous power tools with fast-moving blades. Ensure  that they have a pair of strong steel-toe work boots that will not slip and will safeguard their feet from injury.

Face mask

Many jurisdictions now require landscapers to wear masks while on the job, and they’re especially useful for protecting workers from potentially harmful spraying chemicals or allergens.

Buyer’s guide for your landscaping business

Frequency of use

Think about how much you’ll use the lawn equipment you’re thinking about buying. If you plan to use a product frequently, I usually recommend purchasing commercial quality items.

When you only need a product once or twice a year, on the other hand, a lower-cost item may be all you need.

A leaf blower with a cord is a nice example of this. There are numerous good low-cost corded leaf blowers on the market that will not break the bank for seldom use.

Gas versus electric

When it comes to lawn care goods, better battery technology has brought cordless outdoor equipment into the range of possibility. For small to medium-sized houses, battery-operated systems are ideal. For two-cycle engines, they eliminate the trouble of gas and mixing.

They are a great green option because they emit less pollutants and produce less noise when in use.

Self-propelled vs. push mowers

Similarly, if your lawn is small (less than a quarter acre), a push mower will suffice. Because these mowers rely on the operator to manage their forward movement, they necessitate a lot more effort when mowing a large yard. As a result, people with larger yards (up to 3 quarters of an acre) should consider purchasing a self-propelled mower.

A self-propelled lawn mower’s wheels turn automatically, and the operator only has to steer it in the right direction. They are available in both front-wheel and rear-wheel drive configurations. When operating on steep hills, I prefer rear-wheel drive vehicles; otherwise, I like the mobility of a front-wheel drive. Consider getting a riding mower if you have a large yard. This reduces the amount of time and energy spent mowing the lawn, allowing you to save both for when you actually need them.

Last Thoughts

Customers will choose your company because you’re easy to work with, have affordable prices, and are dedicated to providing exceptional customer service. It’s doubtful that they’ll scrutinize the lawn cutting instruments or grass tools you utilize. Choosing high-quality lawn mowing and landscaping products, on the other hand, allows you to provide exceptional service swiftly and efficiently. Aside from hand and power tools, you’ll want to have access to robust invoice software.