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What Are Accounts Receivable (AR)?

account receivable

Ccounts Receivable (AR) is the income or fees the company receives from its customers who bought its goods and services. Accounts receivable is the amount owed to a business that delivers goods and/or services on credit. The term receivable trade is often used instead of receivable accounts. … The unpaid balance is reported as part of the current assets listed on the company’s balance sheet.

How to Prevent Chargebacks for Your Small Business

prevent chargeback

For each card-not-present transaction, incentives emerge for friendly fraud, malicious scams, unpleasant impulse transactions, and many other troublesome shopping circumstances that can result in a chargeback on your merchant register. Know how to avoid charges and recognise friendly fraud before affecting the bottom line. Learn from loadback software experts.

What is a Chargeback? 


A chargeback is a dispute over a payment already paid to an account that may result in a return of funds. … A refund is charged directly by the seller, but the credit card issuer or bank issues a refund, also known as a payment dispute.

How to Keep Track of Account Receivables?

Accounts receivable

Tracking your receivables is an important part of running a company. Three tips to keep organized and focused. Managing receivables is important in identifying possible collection problems early. Past receivables appear to get harder to obtain the older they are.