Setting Up Credit Card With Your Own Processor

Probill’s partnership with PaySimple enables you to reconcile bank statements, view returned checks, and void/refund payments directly through the software. It is still possible to use a merchant processor other than PaySimple, however, these specific features will not be available for your convenience.

If you choose to use your existing merchant company, they must process with a compatible back-end processor. Probill can interface with providers on the TSYS/VITAL, FDMS Nashville, Paymentech, or Global platforms using our alternative electronic processing gateway.

USAePay Logo

The registered gateway service provider that powers our electronic Gateway is USAePay with a vendor ID of 234 and software version 2.0. The USAePay gateway fee is $29.95 per month as opposed to PaySimple’s $24.95 per month. Keep in mind, ACH transactions are done through Vericheck – the ACH company both us and PaySimple partner with.

Your merchant company will help you fill out the appropriate information sheet (attached below).

FDMS Information Sheet
TSYS/Vital Information Sheet
Paymentech Information Sheet 
Global Information Sheet

At times it may be challenging to reach the correct person with your merchant processor to receive the information you need. Consider calling their technical service department as they are more likely to be able to provide you with these details. If this information becomes difficult to obtain or your merchant processor is one of the few providers Probill doesn’t support, you may consider changing your service provider to PaySimple. This is the merchant processor we partner with and they have set up a great plan for Probill customers. In addition, there are many useful features to make running Credit Card and ACH transactions more efficient and convenient through Probill. If you are interested you can view more information by following the link below.

For more information about PaySimple and to view their rate sheet click here

If you are also interested in processing ACH or electronic check payments click here

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