Install Probill on a New PC

You are free to put our software on as many systems as you would like. However, if you have not purchased Probill’s Networking support, data will not be able to merge together.

If you have active technical support or run the newest version of Probill (2.8.6), you can install from the link below. Once installed, select the option to “Restore Customer Data“. Probill will then prompt you to locate your backup and should automatically find your most recent data. 

Probill Version 2.8.6 Install

Versions 2.8.0 and below
*IMPORTANT* DO NOT install the program from this website if you are running an older version of Probill. If you are not eligible for the newer version and try to restore your data, it will not work without a support renewal code. You will not be able to access your data without purchasing an upgrade to the newest version. 

You may install older versions of Probill from one of our hard copy CD’s you received upon purchase as long as the version matches the one you are currently running. You can find your version number at the top of the Probill screen appearing as “- ver. 2.x” Where “x” indicates the version number. 

Need help backing up or restoring data? We have a FAQ for that too.