Email Setup

Navigate to the main screen of the software to setup Probill’s e-mail capabilities by clicking the drop-down menu “Setup“, then “Program” from that list. At the top-right click on the tab that reads “Email Setup“, and then “Setup Email“. Enter the appropriate email address in the From Address, Reply to Address and Username fields. Enter the password for that email address, then your SMTP settings and mail port number.

Select “Save” after sending a test email successfully. 

*Note: Certain providers may label your account as spam if they think you are sending too many emails. This is why we have built our own server accessible directly through Probill. Our server guarantees delivery for an unlimited number of emails for only $5.00 a month. Probill email server setup instructions. 

Running a version of Probill older than 2.8.0? Setup instructions for versions 2.7.4 and below.