Report Tips

Select Expert | Located at the top of the reports screen as the hand symbol. Click the tool, select ‘New’ then choose from the list of categories to filter. To find all payments of a specified amount, for example, the category selection would be “transaction amount.” Then, by selecting “is equal to” Probill will display another drop down menu of transaction amounts listed on that report. Choose the appropriate amount and select OK to filter. 

Search Text | Located at the top of the reports screen as the binocular symbol. This tool is handy when searching for something specific like an invoice number or transaction reference. 

Other Notes | 

  • Reports display invoices based on their due date. 
  • The Receivables Report displays the current day’s receivables.
  • Reports generate based on the way your database is sorted (excluding any report that requires entering a date range). The sort order box is located on the right hand side of the customer information screen. Sort by monitoring number, addresses, names, etc. 
  • Clicking on a category in the Sales Report will show all invoices with that category reference.