Backup & Restore Data

Importance of External Backups | We recommend keeping multiple external backups in the event of a major disaster. These external backups may be your only link to valuable customer and financial data. The software will prompt you to do an external backup before running recurring billing, but we highly recommend creating backups as often as you feel comfortable losing customer information.

Select a drive or path | From the Customers drop down menu select Backup Customer Information. By default, Probill will display the last directory used. You can change the backup destination by selecting the folder icon from the ‘Backup Drive Directory.’ Select Choose Path to specify another location like google drive, dropbox, etc. Simply select Backup Now to complete.

Next, label and date the file. If you are not backing up to a cloud service, we recommend keeping three separate external backups and rotating them regularly. Keep one of these off premise in the event of theft, fire, etc.

Restore Customer Information | Restore information to return your accounts back to the state they were in at the time of your last backup. Select Restore Customer Information from the Customers drop down menu. Click Use External Drive and Probill should automatically display your most current backup with the date and time. If it cannot find a valid backup or you would like to select a different one, navigate to your backup’s location by selecting the folder icon from the Backup Drive Directory. Next, simply select Restore.