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What Is a Proforma Invoice?

generate invoice

A pro forma invoice is a provisional selling bill submitted to customers before shipping or distribution of products. Usually, the invoice identifies imported goods and other essential details such as shipment weight and delivery costs.

How to Qualify for a Small Business Loan in 8 Steps


Although finding, applying for and being accepted for small business loans can be challenging. Limited business loan conditions usually include a strong credit record and at least $20,000 annual income. Here’s how you can qualify for a small business loan.

What Are Accounts Receivable (AR)?

account receivable

Ccounts Receivable (AR) is the income or fees the company receives from its customers who bought its goods and services. Accounts receivable is the amount owed to a business that delivers goods and/or services on credit. The term receivable trade is often used instead of receivable accounts. … The unpaid balance is reported as part of the current assets listed on the company’s balance sheet.