Business Growth

9 Reasons Why Customer Satisfaction Is Important

The satisfaction of customers plays an important role in your company. This is not only the leading metric for assessing consumer satisfaction, recognizing deceptive clients, minimizing turnover and increasing revenue; it’s also a significant distinguishing point for attracting new clients in competitive business environments.

When and How to Charge Late Fees on Unpaid Invoices [ULTIMATE GUIDE]


Why late payment penalty is a good idea and How much to ask for. While motivating customers to pay, late payment fines are a good idea for several… Unpaid invoices are a growing concern for entrepreneurs, Before you can charge your customers a late fee, first write down the terms of the financing payment.

4 Key Steps to a Successful Giveaway


Good giveaways don’t make it successful. Instead, each is the product of a marketing plan that involves effective advertising campaigns. Marketers who plan initiatives and campaigns proactively report progress. Creating a gift requires more than choosing a winner.