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Don’t Make These 5 Self Employment Mistakes

It’s easy to make mistakes when learning something new, especially when that “something new” is starting a brand-new career. Self employment mistakes are particularly easy to commit, because everyone has to find their own way and forge their own path. But, certain mistakes can also be avoided. Learn how to spot and avoid common problems associated with working at home and working independently.

Self Employment Mistakes

Making the transition into self employment definitely isn’t easy, particularly for professionals who are more experienced with a more traditional line of work. People who are used to working by a rigid schedule, at jobs which are already well-planned and mapped out for them, may make many self employment mistakes and never realize it before it’s too late. But, some of these problems can be avoided. Learn some of the facts of self employment.

  1. Time management. Professionals, particularly those who have been previously bound to a strict work schedule, may find the freedom of self employment a little heady. It’s easy to fall into a bad habit of putting of projects, taking extended breaks from work and perhaps missing deadlines. Conform to a schedule, adhere to a specific list of tasks and find other methods to promote good time management.
  2. Taxes. It’s important to remember (always) that self employment taxes are (always) looming. Professionals who are used to having taxes automatically deducted from their earnings are going to have a rude awakening in April if they aren’t prepared for this eventuality. Put aside at least 15% of all earnings in preparation for paying taxes, something every self employed professional must face.
  3. Documentation. Write everything down! Keep track of email addresses, submissions, dates in particular. Self employed professionals should make up documents or shreadsheets showing their completed work, payment owed and when that payment was received. Not every employer follows through when they say that they will, and some may need to be reminded. If the professional forgets to provide the reminder, that payment may never come.
  4. Payment. Speaking of payment, self employed professionals shouldn’t make the mistake of making it difficult. Create a professional PayPal account, the most popular online payment method, so employers and clients may send funds with ease.
  5. Research. Never work blindly. Always research hiring companies. Even a simple Google search may yield a wealth of information. Many self employed professionals who become victims of scams are guilty only of not researching who they’re working for; don’t be this person.

Working at Home

The at home work day is filled with little obstacles and problems. Knowing how to tackle mistakes (and avoid them) will make things a little smoother.

Sometimes, professionals approach self employment without being fully prepared. Don’t make common self employment mistakes; learn how to avoid them.