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How to Thank Clients on Invoices, and Why Should You?

Your customers are the backbone of your business. Without them, you wouldn’t be in business. They give you a reason to wake up early and remain innovative. Making sure they feel appreciated all the time is a responsibility that you need to execute professionally and timely for them to come back to you again and again.  

While there are many ways to show gratitude to your customers, why not thank them on their invoices? Doing so not only shows that you value their support but also helps in convincing them to stick with you. Additionally, this makes paying outstanding invoices just a bit less painless for them.

Why thank your customer on your invoices


Here is why writing a thank you message is a good idea for you and your business:

  • Nurture customer relationships: The more your customers feel appreciated and recognized, the more they will often buy from you. Including a thank-you message on their invoices is one easy way to foster loyalty.
  • Cold and impersonal: Invoices without any expression of gratitude often seem cold and impersonal. Adding a simple thank-you note on them make it feel a little more personal, and that can nurture long term relationships and timely payment.
  • An easier way to promote repeat business: Want your customers to return again and again to make more purchases? Consider including prominent thank you on your invoices. That way, you are showing appreciation, and that definitely will encourage repeat business.
  • You get paid faster: There is nothing more satisfying when in business than getting paid on time. A prominent thank you message on your invoices can prompt your customers to pay on time

5 Creative ways to thank your customers on their invoices


1. Make your thanks prominent

There is no reason to add a thank you message on your invoice if the customer is not going to see it. To make sure your customers will see the message at first glance, consider printing it in another color or bolding it. You can also do this when sending electronic invoices, using a recurring billing software. The best place to put the thank you message is right below the balance. Or any other place you are confident your customers will see it once they open up the envelop and take out the invoice.

2. Give something for free

Another way to appreciate your customers is by giving them something for free. This is a good idea, especially for new customers. For example, if a customer orders twenty pieces of product X, you can send twenty-five. This may seem obvious but very rewarding to your business in nurturing long term relationships with new and existing customers.

3. Give them a discount

A discount no matter how small it is will go a long way into showing your customers how valuable they are to you. When you include a discount, make sure to indicate the number of times it can be used. For example, if it is a single-use discount, make sure to indicate that. Again, remember to make sure the discount appears prominently on the invoice.

4. Invite them to provide feedback

It is effortless to do this. One way is by including a link to a feedback page when sending electronic invoices. That way, you have an opportunity to continuously improve your business based on the consistent feedback you get. You can also add a link when sending print invoices or specify a way your customers can provide feedback.

5. Show the value they are getting from your company

Want to show your clients the value they get from you? Invoices come in handy. For example, you can show them on their invoices how they are saving more when they buy from you. That way, it will be easier for you to retain and stop them from thinking about your competitors.

Wrap up

thank you

Your customers will always remain the most priceless asset your business has. They will always put a smile on your face, and they deserve to feel appreciated and recognized. A simple thank you, whether in the form of a discount or simple note will make your customers feel better about doing business with you. We have shown you how to go about it; now it is your turn. Make sure those invoices you send next have a professional thank you.