Benefits of Starting a Small Business: Personal and Economic

Practically all governments provide small business help in different forms. The help ranges from small business advice to small business services such as organizing training programs. They do these things not just for the votes of the small business owners but also because they realize that the economy of the country depends on the contributions from small business.

Benefits of Starting a Small Business


Running her or his own business in an expression of freedom and dignity for the small businessperson and it also provides the person with a living. Small business owners can enjoy the rewards of their own skills, decisions and efforts. This is far from the case of a corporate employee, who typically has to spend a lot of time in political maneuvers to protect his or her interests.

Small businesspersons are typically very interested in what they do and become quite skilled in doing it. They are also more well-rounded persons with multiple skills, including people skills. They have the opportunity to live their passions.

Small businesses are less strictly regulated than big businesses, which have to file numerous returns with the government and publish full information about their operating results and other aspects. Big businesses are also closely watched by the general public and receive a great deal of criticism for everything they do. As a small businessperson, you can remain more of a private person and focus on serving your customers and your community.

And many small businesses earn big money.

Benefits to Customers

happy customers

Studies have indicated that small businesses are more ethical and responsible in their conduct than big corporations, which are often managed by ruthless managers who have worked their way up the corporate jungle the hard way. They are typically far removed from the customers they serve.

Small businesspersons, on the other hand, are close to their customers and realize that their very survival depends on satisfying their customers. The very small businessperson typically knows each and every customer individually and can cater to each in a personalized way. Small is great for customers, the attempt to find the person who can help you will usually drive you batty in a mega-corp.

Small business marketing tends to be more customer-oriented than CRM (Customer Relationship Management) exercise.

Benefits to the Economy


Studies have revealed that more than half the jobs in the U.S. are created by small businesses. They contribute more than one-third of the total national income. And they drive innovation, accounting for more than half the technological innovations. They can also adapt to changing conditions in the market with far greater agility than corporate behemoths.

This is the major reason for governments to encourage small businesses. It is jobs that sustain an economy and innovations that lead to progress and growth. Any sector that contributes so hugely in these areas cannot but be critical to the economy.

Benefits to the Public

As mentioned earlier, studies have indicated that small businesses are more responsible and ethical. In general, they act more responsibly towards the environment and their communities. Few small businesses can cause damages such as a major oil spill or a major economic disaster that big businesses can.

The public is safer with small businesses, though they cannot do without big business in such sectors as constructing a huge dam or creating the communication infrastructure.


Small businesses sustain a country’s economy by creating more jobs and innovations, contributing in a major way to the national income, and being more responsible in their behavior. They are also able to meet niche customer needs that have too little volumes to interest big corporations. Above all, small businesses allow the small businessperson to earn a living with independence and dignity. The benefits of small businesses are indeed many.

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