Why Switch to PaySimple?

We have been using PaySimple as our credit card processor since 2005. For the past ten years, we have been offering their Gateway to process our customer’s electronic transactions directly through Probill. We have spent over a year and a half writing over 10,000 lines of new code in an effort to seamlessly process transactions using their Gateway.

We are sure the deal we have negotiated with PaySimple will save you time and money! The details we have worked out are below:

  • Visa/Mastercard/Discover: 2.49% + 29 cents per transaction
  • American Express: 2.89% + 15 cents per transaction
  • As an added benefit ACH transactions will be processed directly through PaySimple at the same $0.50 per transaction rate you are paying now, eliminating the need for your Vericheck account, and saving you from any $12 monthly fee from them.
  • You will have one unified bill from PaySimple each month for both credit card and ACH.
  • Your gateway fee will remain exactly the same ($19.95/month) but will be charged through PaySimple instead of Probill.

Most importantly there is no annual fee from USAePay – saving you $79.95 a year!

What are the benefits?

Version 2.8.6 enhances many features for those of you who process credit cards and/or ACH transactions through Probill. This version is capable of completely bypassing USAePay’s gateway. Instead of logging into USAePay to see the details of your transactions or to void/refund payments, you are now able to do all of this through Probill. in addition, Probill now comes with a much more advanced reporting function allowing you to check the status of your transactions as well as returned checks directly from the reports menu. The new report will also give you the ability to reconcile your bank statements with your transaction history.

Click here for a video tutorial of these new features! 

In future versions of Probill we plan on improving upon these features and adding many more in conjunction with PaySimple’s gateway, such as mobile payment processing and website integration.

Where do I sign up?

We are really excited to roll out this new version and are confident that PaySimple’s gateway will be more affordable for you and give us many opportunities to expand the features we offer!

To sign up with PaySimple or for more information click here!

If you have any questions feel free to give us a call at 1-800-409-4997 or send us an email us at support@probill.com


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