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Marketing Consistency is Crucial & Key to Your Company’s Success

An effective marketing strategy can send your company soaring. A poorly designed or little-planned campaign can be very costly and embarrassing. So why do some marketing ideas make some products well-known household names and some marketing ideas are remembered for their failures? The answer is in the planning and design.

Marketing Plan

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Where do you start? Your company needs a marketing plan. You may think that you are planning to advertise in the newspaper and the phone book. However, a marketing plan is very detailed and contains much information about your company and the environment in which it operates. It forces you and your company to put your plan into words – and to set controls to make sure the plan actually happens. A well-defined plan will involve much dedication and hard work. However, the work put into this will pay for itself in no time.

Once you decide on the direction of your marketing activities, you need to start designing some of your marketing materials. What makes your business stand out? More than ever, clear, well-designed and well-targeted communications are essential to the success of businesses of all sizes and types.

Consistency is Key


A corporate identity is a defined system of graphic elements that represents your company. It is how you create your company’s image.

The unique look of your logo should be integrated throughout all elements of your business materials: signage, business cards, stationery, brochures, advertising, web site, etc. Image is everything. Utilizing a full-service graphic design firm that handles all aspects of your company’s communication ensures consistency of your image.

Consistency is critical in marketing and branding. A graphic designer can integrate the look of all your communication methods so that potential customers see the same look over and over, making all of your marketing more effective. A good corporate identity design is what helps the public remember your business. It’s what helps consumers become your clients. The right identity can be one of your strongest marketing tools.

Effective Visual Communicationword of mouth marketing

Which ads catch your eye? What commercials do you talk about? There are many businesses out there, but if a specific name sticks with you, their communication was effective. Effective communication requires that the right ideas and messages are delivered to the right audiences in the proper visual forms, formats, and media. The graphic designer possesses specialized education and experience which help assure the effectiveness of these messages and improves their transmission, reception and impact.


It’s time to evaluate your image and communications. How is your image presented to the public? Do you leave a lasting impression? Never underestimate the importance of good design. It’s a great investment to the success of your business.