Sales- It’s About Building Relationships (7 Step Process to Get More Sales)

Sales is all about building a relationship with your client. In today’s world with social media there are sales choices to make but many times it gets back to the old fashion way, face-to-face communication.

Below are 7 tips to making the visit count the most.


1. Be on time.

Your client may be late but you can’t be. Lateness projects a lack of respect for someone’s time. There may not be a second chance to visit this client again.

2. Listen

Ask open ended questions to spur conversation and listen to the answers. The visit is not about you but about your clients perceptions, and comments. Show concern and interest. The more you learn about your client, the more rapport you will develop and the better the relationship.

3. Assume your services or product are needed

This may seem obvious but is not always practiced. Be confident and project success which will provide a sense of competency to your client. Represent your product or service as positive and necessary. Don’t be overbearing but confident.

4. Dress for success

Always look professional even if the company you visit is on dress down Friday. Your appearance represents you and how you will be remembered.

5. Personality assessment

When visiting a perspective client, try to emulate their style. If they are fast paced with energy, make your meeting concise and to the point. Respect their time. If your client wants to share pictures of his family, take time to comment. In the first meeting, notice the office, does it show comfort or business. Redirect your style to reflect the surroundings.

6. Leave with an action

The sales professional should always leave with an action to produce, or provide something. Once the action is accomplished, trust is built and another reason to visit the client. One of the most important steps is to have a reason to come back. Set up a time to return before you leave.

7. Entertaining

The past brought wine at lunch and expensive dinners for the client. In today’s times, this rarely happens. Now, with reduced staff, your client could be working his job plus the newly eliminated employee’s job as well. Company restrictions on entertainment have changed and are much stricter. Meet for a cup of coffee or an inexpensive lunch. This time could provide a nice diversion to the clients busy day and a time to bond, at a low financial impact.


Through the sales process, the objective is to build a solid relationship with you client. Remember, sales is usually between two people.