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6 Tips to Ensure Your Cleaning Business Is Paid on Time and in Full 

If you have already opened a cleaning business, it is possible now you are looking for ways to grow it. Fortunately, there are many tried and tested ways of building cleaning businesses. Getting paid on time is one crucial part of running a successful cleaning business. Without incoming cash, it becomes a challenge to run and remain in business.

But how do you make sure you are getting paid on time? Here is what you need to do to get paid immediately or soon after completing the job.

Request your customers to pay you on the spot

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Imagine getting paid instantly after finishing the job. Is that not good? Sure, it is! To get paid immediately, always communicate with your customers in advance. Don’t ambush them shortly after the job with a request to be paid. That is not professional and can hurt the frequency of repeat business.

Set up your terms and conditions 

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Before you start searching for potential customers, make sure you have set some terms and conditions  or T&Cs. They will not only help you deal with payment related issues but also give you an edge in building a strong brand. Here are some of the reasons why you need to set some T&Cs

  • Help you define payments due date.
  • Help you deal with late payments. For example, when setting interest on late payment.
  • Guide you in deciding who will pay fully before the job, after or partially.
  • Guide you in setting discount policies if the customer is discontented with the job.

Note: Defining terms and conditions (T&C) in advance helps you dodge scenarios where you ambush your customers before or after the job with payment requests.

Use appealing invoices 


Naturally, beautiful things grab the attention of humans. How many times have you been attracted by beautiful things and even forced to take actions? Many times, of course. Why then not design appealing invoices that will grab the attention of your customers. That way, you will not only grab their attention but also get them close to paying you.

Use an invoicing software

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Eliminate the stress of looking for client’s receipts and details by using invoicing software. These software make it seamless for you to manage invoices and access other critical information in just a click of a button. And that speed up the process of invoicing.

Additionally, you can use invoicing software to market your business. How? By leveraging them to design professional-looking invoices. Probill is a good example of invoicing software that let you customize your invoices. 

Send invoices on time

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Do you want to be paid on time? Make sure to send invoices early. If you can send them shortly after completing the job, the better. Good invoicing software can help send invoices on time. You can even design your software to send invoices immediately you complete the job. 

Have a flexible price list

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It is unprofessional to be in business without clear knowledge of the value of your products and services. You need to have all details about pricing to run your cleaning business seamlessly and to get paid on time. A price list will guide you in billing, and that will speed up invoicing. To attach a price for your services, you may want to consider:

  • Your experience 
  • You speed
  • Your location
  • Your location
  • The size of your team and the variety of services you offer.


The most crucial part about working is getting paid on time. It is even more satisfying when paid on the spot. What are you doing to get paid immediately after finishing the job? We would be happy to hear from you.