Document Tips

Select the drop-down menu “Setup” then “Documents” from the main screen of Probill to view the document editor. Here you are able to create, edit, view and remove documents as you wish.

Using Keywords | Select the Insert Keyword option in the document generator to insert generic fields for Probill to pull from the customer information screen. When viewing, printing or emailing a document from the Documents portion of the Customer Information File, keywords like [BillingContact] & [CustomerNumber] will fill in automatically.

Available Documents vs Documents in Use | The Available Documents box displays all docs available for use in Probill. To add it to the Documents in Use box, highlight the name and select the Use Doc button. Now the document is ready for use in the customer information file. Alternatively, select Remove Doc to move it back to the Available Documents box.

Comment Form Templates | Create templates and generate them in a customer’s Comments section to save as part of their file.

Check out our quick tutorial on Probill’s Document Editor

Export Reports

Any Probill report can be exported by selecting the export icon from the top of the reports screen. The icon displays an envelope with a red arrow. Select the icon, choose “Excel” in the Format box, then change the Destination box to “Application.”

Report Tips

Select Expert | Located at the top of the reports screen as the hand symbol. Click the tool, select ‘New’ then choose from the list of categories to filter. To find all payments of a specified amount, for example, the category selection would be “transaction amount.” Then, by selecting “is equal to” Probill will display another drop down menu of transaction amounts listed on that report. Choose the appropriate amount and select OK to filter. 

Search Text | Located at the top of the reports screen as the binocular symbol. This tool is handy when searching for something specific like an invoice number or transaction reference. 

Other Notes | 

  • Reports display invoices based on their due date. 
  • The Receivables Report displays the current day’s receivables.
  • Reports generate based on the way your database is sorted (excluding any report that requires entering a date range). The sort order box is located on the right hand side of the customer information screen. Sort by monitoring number, addresses, names, etc. 
  • Clicking on a category in the Sales Report will show all invoices with that category reference. 

Run Probill on a Mac

Probill does not currently have a software version that runs on a Mac operating system. Some Probill customers, however, choose to install Parallels onto their PC enabling them to toggle back and forth between an Apple OS and Windows OS.

Backup & Restore Data

Importance of External Backups | We recommend keeping multiple external backups in the event of a major disaster. These external backups may be your only link to valuable customer and financial data. The software will prompt you to do an external backup before running recurring billing, but we highly recommend creating backups as often as you feel comfortable losing customer information.

Select a drive or path | From the Customers drop down menu select Backup Customer Information. By default, Probill will display the last directory used. You can change the backup destination by selecting the folder icon from the ‘Backup Drive Directory.’ Select Choose Path to specify another location like google drive, dropbox, etc. Simply select Backup Now to complete.

Next, label and date the file. If you are not backing up to a cloud service, we recommend keeping three separate external backups and rotating them regularly. Keep one of these off premise in the event of theft, fire, etc.

Restore Customer Information | Restore information to return your accounts back to the state they were in at the time of your last backup. Select Restore Customer Information from the Customers drop down menu. Click Use External Drive and Probill should automatically display your most current backup with the date and time. If it cannot find a valid backup or you would like to select a different one, navigate to your backup’s location by selecting the folder icon from the Backup Drive Directory. Next, simply select Restore. 

Install Probill on a New PC

You are free to put our software on as many systems as you would like. However, if you have not purchased Probill’s Networking support, data will not be able to merge together.

If you have active technical support or run the newest version of Probill (2.8.6), you can install from the link below. Once installed, select the option to “Restore Customer Data“. Probill will then prompt you to locate your backup and should automatically find your most recent data. 

Probill Version 2.8.6 Install

Versions 2.8.0 and below
*IMPORTANT* DO NOT install the program from this website if you are running an older version of Probill. If you are not eligible for the newer version and try to restore your data, it will not work without a support renewal code. You will not be able to access your data without purchasing an upgrade to the newest version. 

You may install older versions of Probill from one of our hard copy CD’s you received upon purchase as long as the version matches the one you are currently running. You can find your version number at the top of the Probill screen appearing as “- ver. 2.x” Where “x” indicates the version number. 

Need help backing up or restoring data? We have a FAQ for that too. 

Email Setup

Navigate to the main screen of the software to setup Probill’s e-mail capabilities by clicking the drop-down menu “Setup“, then “Program” from that list. At the top-right click on the tab that reads “Email Setup“, and then “Setup Email“. Enter the appropriate email address in the From Address, Reply to Address and Username fields. Enter the password for that email address, then your SMTP settings and mail port number.

Select “Save” after sending a test email successfully. 

*Note: Certain providers may label your account as spam if they think you are sending too many emails. This is why we have built our own server accessible directly through Probill. Our server guarantees delivery for an unlimited number of emails for only $5.00 a month. Probill email server setup instructions. 

Running a version of Probill older than 2.8.0? Setup instructions for versions 2.7.4 and below. 

Multi-User Networking

Access your Probill database from multiple PC’s with our networking support. Probill versions 2.8.5 and above enable up to five users to actively work in the database at the same time.

The setup is quick and easy. Call our technical support team for more information. 
Probill Support: (800) 409-4997