Why Probill Should Become Your Pool Maintenance Payment Software

Commercial or Residential Pool Maintenance Payment Software

Whether your pool company is commercial or residential, Probill’s recurring billing software is the ideal solution to easily keep track of customers. Probill allows companies to effortlessly set monthly recurring charges for pool maintenance or generate one time invoices or proposals for services and repairs.  For a full breakdown of all of the services Probill can offer your pool company, visit our Pool Maintenance Billing Software Page. Our software allows you to easily create one-time invoices by crafting Sales Categories and Item Lists to quickly generate invoices out of items or services that tend to be used most often. For example, winterizing a pool could be set as an item on the Item List which would allow you to save this description information and cost a single time to avoid repeatedly creating this charge in the future.

While Probill makes creating one-time invoices quick and efficient, services charged on a recurring basis are Probill’s specialty. Our recurring billing software has the ability to set customers up on different billing cycles and automatically generate bills for customers based on recurring charges you’ve created. For example, if you’re charging customers monthly for a backwash and filter recharge or for testing, balancing and skimming, these would be ideal services to make into Standard Recurring charges. These services could be made into default line items, enabling you to select which service each customer is using. Set these customers up one time in the program and Probill will automatically generate invoices based on the billing cycles you’ve chosen.

Additional features of Probill’s Recurring Billing Software

Probill’s recurring pool maintenance payment software offer also include contracts, annual sub charges, or even one-time charges for special services or repairs. Want to charge customer’s electronically? Check out our video on how simple charging credit cards or automatically drafting bank accounts is using our subscription billing software. Probill is a great all in one solution to help growing pool companies spend less time worrying about receiving payments and more time focusing on gaining new clients and increasing business.

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